Still, if you know how to use it, ActivTrades platform can help you get very proficient at CFD trading. Indeed, our experts always try to share their insights and nuggets of valuable information so our traders can always get a competitive advantage and edge on financial markets. This became my favorite broker and educational institution when I discovered their webinars. I was not a client of them, but watched a webinar and then the second. I join and learn about finance and trading way more than I do trades there. But I just recently started to become profitable..

activtrades metatrader 4

Unfortunately, technological peculiarities affect Smart Tools compatibility with Metatrader 5. Moreover, you can use each one of them via Metatrader 4. We are happy to hear that you were pleased with our registration process at ActivTrades.

Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences. ActivTrades is a London based broker specialising in Forex and CFD trading, licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority . However, if we will dig up a bit deeper, we will found out many smart tools aren’t available for MetaTrader 5 and ActivTrader platform.

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They don’t appropriate any money that doesn’t belong to them – and that’s a terrific sign. Customer support is very important for a broker. Poor customer support is a great indicator that you shouldn’t bother with a particular provider.

activtrades metatrader 4

These spreads are based on the market and the market situations. This broker has also offered direct market access accounts. Furthermore, you can get the best conditions and execution on trades.


The average is, certainly, often higher than that, but not by much. You can view the average and what they try to give you in the spread chart under each of the product categories under ‘markets’. The support is not just there to answer your questions or solve your problems, it’s also helpful (when it’s done properly) at returning the funds you unrightfully lost .

SmartLines allows you to set boundaries on the chart. Whenever the price of a product hits a boundary, it’s forced to easy be bought or sold automatically – very handy and simple. Besides this obvious part of software, there are several other optional tools. They are optional and can be added to the MT4 or MT5 versions of ActivTrade within two clicks. Their absence from the base versions is due to the magnitude of these instruments, as well as the sufficiency of other tools, already included into the platforms. The platform isn’t customizable, but it has several intriguing features right from the start.

It also takes an understanding from the side of the broker, that, when a trader wishes to make money withdrawal, it is not by accident or just by desire, it is a product of “need”. Which means that the trader needs their money for something, maybe pay some bills, maybe emergency etc. And ActivTrades does not joke around with this stuff.

There are useful charts, indicators and different info logs. If you don’t want some of them, you can disable them. There are also many optional ActivTrades tools that can be requested for your interface. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation.

The chart gives you a detailed overview of a symbol with pinch to zoom and scroll functionality through the chart. The app also gives you a choice to choose from Bar chart, candlestick and line chart for your added convenience and ease of understanding. You can also filter the graph based on short time intervals like 1 min, 5 min, 15 mins to hourly and daily time intervals for an in-depth analysis.

Real-time Trading, Market and Alert Systems

I ain’t have a really immersive experience in trading with ActivTrades, but during the time I’ve been trading here I noticed something. The webinars that I found here, from the one point are run quite rarely, from another one – they fully enlighten crucial aspects of trading activity and bring good knowledge. We at ActivTrades offer an account for every trader. Our team thanks you for finding time to leave us feedback.

  • Undoubtedly, it’s a very challenging task for any broker to implement services that will please everybody on the market.
  • In the end, PLUS500 is a renowned CDF broker as they have a professional trading system.
  • ActivTrades is one of the older brokerage providers online, dating back to 2001.
  • Before you sign up for a CFD broker, you have to make sure to make a comparison between growing CFD brokers.

It is true, that we are obligated to carry out Know-your-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering checks on all of our traders as part of the regulatory protocols we proudly abide by. In short – you’re highly advised to give them a go. And even then, AT makes sure you lose as little as possible by providing you with some very effective trading tools. It is a very decent broker – both in terms of technical capabilities and the attitude towards their users. It’s possibly the best broker in the world and surely the best in the United Kingdom. They won’t give you any trouble at all – the only thing that can slow your progress down is your own mistakes.

Trade Monitoring

There are some traders who treat new brokerage companies with a touch of suspicion. Undoubtedly, it’s not a kind of ignorance; it’s obviously constituted by the fear of facing an improper company. Lotta fascinating stuff, webinars, activ trades review various instruments, quick platform, responsive client support managers… Actually it’s difficult to highlight downsides here. The only thing is quite a high min. depo, but it’s also okay for a broker of such level.


Get as low as 0.5 ms network latency performance to Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong and other data center locations around the world. It’s a basic trading calculator that can be used outside of a trading platform. It includes several variables, like leverage, open price, lots and other. Together, they can help you calculate approximately how much you can lose on trades. All of it means you’re up to a comfortable trading experience. ActivTrades is one of the older brokerage providers online, dating back to 2001.

A good customer support is very often an indicator of an honest and transparent organization. The tools, however, are the technical instruments designed to improve your trading experience. Most can only be installed onto your MTs, which is a good reason to use them. Experts to customize your trading platform, network and computer server to exactly the specifications you need for trading success.

It’s always great for us to receive highly valued feedback from our important clients. We do our best to ensure our clients’ complete funds and data safety, cutting-edge conditions and cozy atmosphere. ActivTrader is designed a little bit differently. It is a browser-based platform and is made in collaboration with TradingView. It can help clients to manage their positions via a standard PC or laptop.

The ActivTrades team is happy to hear such sincere, prudent and objective words about our company! The company still continues developing and enhancing the quality of its services. The ActivTrades team is grateful you have found the time to write an objective review of our services. We are pleased that we have such attentive clients. Indeed, we try to make spreads tighter, as it may be handy for some customers to trade with increased efficiency. Moreover, as you mentioned, we also value our client support team, which does a lot of work for us.

They were already a great choice in terms of a reputable broker, but what I noticed is that they also make constant changes and updates in their services and features provided. The last thing I recently realized that, I think they have completely removed the minimum deposit requirement. A great move especially for brokers who dont have thousands of dollars to put in a trading account.

They have great technical sistem that allowed me not have problems when I changed device. Just moved my 2-step verification code and that was its. I like this platform because they made processes very easier. This broker by right stay in a list of good forex companies. With clear and open registration, licensing and regulation you feel safe funding your money.